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Litter planned for April 2022. Checkout the "Planned Breedings" page or give us a call at 478-589-7296. Looking for older pup? We have a few. Go to "Started Dogs for Sale" for more information.  

Welcome to Big Creek Labs

David & Teresa Oglesby
392 Big Creek Road
Midville, GA 30441
(478) 589-7296
email: daogle4@pineland.net


HRCH Big Creek's Roamin For Ducks MH, "Roamin" (Click Here for Pedigree)

We are so excited to announce that our young dog, Roamin, who is the son of our 5x Grand Champion, Once Ina Blue Moon, carries on the family tradition as he qualifies for the AKC Master National.

The Master National championship will be held September 30 October 10, 2021, and hosted by the Treasure Valley Hunting Retriever Club, in Valley County, Idaho.

To qualify for the Master National event, a dog must have a total of 6 qualifications each year in the Master category from a Master National member club(s). In addition, every dog running in the Master National event must also have a Master Hunter title from the AKC.



We are excited to add to Blue's list of accomplishments that he has earned enough points and Grand passes to qualify him to be listed among a short list of accomplished dogs on a prestigious list known as the Hunting Retriever Club Hall of Fame.

David and Blue enjoyed a successful weekend at West Central Ohio Hunting Retriever Club test in Minster, Ohio. Blue has a total of 5 Grand Hunting Retriever Champion passes and has racked up a total of 1,055 UKC points.

After almost a two year break from competing in hunt test events, David and Blue have passed 17 out of the 18 test they have run so far this year. At also 9 years of age is, Blue is still picking up the marks clean and running straight lines to the blinds. 





It has been a while since I have posted any updates to this news section, but I hope to do a better job now since I have retired from my fulltime job and now have more time to devote to participating in hunt tests and raising the next generation of Blue puppies.

Blue and I had a great time at the resent hunt test hosted by the Charleston Retriever Club. Blue is 8 years old now and still loves going to UKC hunting tests. He comes alive at these events and took home ribbons both days.

The next four weekends Blue and I will be running more hunt tests in the southeastern region. I look forward to catching up on news from long time friends and meeting new ones too. Hope to see everyone there!

Blue Earns His 5th Grand Pass

Our boy, GRHRCH (5X) Dreammeyers Once Ina Blue Moon MH, "Blue", is home from the HRC INTERNATIONAL 2015 FALL GRAND HUNT that was held in Greensboro, Al. The test started September 28 and ran through October 2, 2015.

Handler and trainer, Stephen Durrence, successfully completed a series of 5 tests with only one "mark down". This is the 5th time that Blue and Stephen have passed this grueling 5 day event.

Not everyone that enters the competition walks away with a ribbon and fall 2015 event was as difficult as ever. It takes a special dog to bring home a ribbon. Of the 344 dogs that started the test, only 65 passed all 5 days. Of those 65 dogs that passed, 21 of them were new grand champions. Only 18% of the dogs entered went home with a title and bragging rights.

We could not be prouder of Blue and Stephen. We are blessed.



GRHRCH (4x) UH Dreammeyer Once Ina Blue Moon MH, "Blue"  with owner David Oglesby.  This great pictures was taken by Mark Atwater of UpClosePhoto. Go to the "At Stud" for more pictures by Mark.

Blue has sired several litters of pups that are just now reaching reaching finished level hunting retriever titles.

We have several litters of  "Blue" coming up in the near future. Check out our "Breedings" page for details.











Union City, Tennessee, 10-1-14. Dreammeyer Once Ina Blue Moon, "Blue" earns his 4th GRHRCH pass in a row at the Tennessee River Fall International Grand. He has passed 4 out of 4 Grand events that he has entered.

Blue was a member of the Taylor Farm Kennel Team and was trained and handled by Stephen Durrence. Stephen has been Blue's trainer and handler in all 4 tests. Word from people that participated in this event was that this test was a real "meat grinder". We are proud to be able to say that Blue completed the 5 day test with no mark downs which means he was "clean" the entire test.

We feel blessed to have this wonderful dog in our lives. He loves to run these events and it is amazing to watch him run. During each test, it is as if Blue becomes an extension of his handler, Stephen. They are able to read each other's body language and Blue seems to know exactly what Stephen wants him to do.

Yet as happy as he is to run a hunt test, he is just as happy to relax on his dog bed by David's chair.  For us, Blue truly is what his name implies. He is as rare of a find as a blue moon, which, by the way, is how he came to get his name. December 31st 2009, was the same month and year Blue was born, and was also the rarest of all eclipses--a lunar eclipse of a Blue Moon on New Year's Eve. Such an event happens only 11 times per millennium.


David and Blue show off their International Grand ribbons. Blue passes another International Grand Hunting Retriever test in Phenix City, Alabama, 4-30-14. This makes his 3rd pass in a row and was the toughest one yet. We did not get to go to Alabama the first two days of the test. The plan was to go to watch our trainer, Stephen Durrence and Blue, but the weather was not cooperating. Our hearts sank as we watch the Weather Channel announce that the worst storms of the century were moving across the southeast and would bring thunder storms, hail, lighting and tornadoes. The third day of the test, it finally looked safe to travel to Phenix City, so David headed for the Grand. It was a trip well worth the drive.

Not only did he get to see a lot of good dogs run, he got to see 3 pups from our kennel earn Grand passes. All three were trained by Stephen Durrence. Two as these pups were handled by Stephen. They were, HRCH Oak Point's Traveling Man, Mason and HRCH BBDTT Harlie Colt SH, Colt. They were the youngest dogs at the event to earn a pass. The other pup, GRHRCH Jacked Up on Quack MH, Joker, earned his 3rd pass. Stephen trained Joker and handled him for his first grand pass. ColbyWilliams was Joker's handler for this event. 

For those who have never been to a grand test, it is a 5 day test. The first 4 days, consists of two land tests and two water tests. The dogs must retrieve 3 marks and a blind, honor by the handler, and deal with diversions. All this in some very tough conditions and are only allowed one mark down. The 5th test is an upland hunt. All these tests measure a dog's marking ability, line manners, and level of control between the handler and dog. 413 dogs entered this test and only 48 completed it to earned a pass. This is definitely a true measure of both the talent of a well bred dog and the ability of a skilled handler/trainer.


Once again our boy, GRHRCH UH Dreammeyer Once Ina Blue Moon, MH, "Blue" passes the Grand! We are proud to announce that Blue has earned his second grand pass at the HRC International Grand Hunt Fall - 2013 test, hosted by Mississippi Valley Hunting Retriever Club, in McCausland, Iowa. Handler and trainer, Stephen Durrence, completed this 5 day competition, Oct. 12 - 16, 2013. This second pass earns him the title of Grand Hunting Retriever Champion. Not only is this two grand passes within the same year, he was one of 65 dogs to pass out of the 385 dogs that entered. Pass rate of the Mississippi Valley Grand was only 17%. 


Our boy, HRCH Dreammeyer Once Ina Blue Moon MH, earns his first GRHRCH pass at the HRC International Spring Grand, hosted by Four States Hunting Retriever Club, in Simms, Texas. Blue, along with his trainer and handler, Stephen Durrence, of Taylor Farms Kennels, completed 5 days of challenging hunt tests with only one handle.

For anyone who has never been to an International Grand Hunting Test, this is a 5 day event in which the dog must be perfect (or extremely close to it) to earn a pass. A dog must earn two passes to earn the title of GRHRCH. That means 10 days of near perfection for both the dog and the handler. Only 607 dogs have earned the right to carry this prestigious title since this competition was started in the fall of 1986.

This was a tough event as the test had a total of 385 dogs competing and only 56 dogs successfully completing the test to earned a pass. Of those that passed, only 17 titled. That is a pass rate of 14.5% and a title rate of 4%.

We are very excited and proud of Blue and Stephen!


David titles his first Master Hunter dog this weekend a the AKC Music City Hunt Test in LaVergne, Tennessee (Nashville).  Our chocolate male, HR Dreammeyer Once Ina Blue Moon MH, earned his 6th master pass this weekend  to earn his Master Hunter title.


We are very excited to announce that HRCH UH Blackwater Harlie Davidson (mother, center) and two of her offspring, HRCH UH Patton's Gunsmoke on Big Creek (son, right) and HRCH UH Big Creek's Jorja Peach (daughter, left) successfully completed 4 out of 4 Upland HRC tests to earn their UH title.

In addition, that same weekend, 10-29-11, Harlie joined the ranks of HRC dogs that have earned 500 points!

We are proud to announce that David tried his hand at running his own dogs, HRCH Blackwater Harlie Davidson and Harlie's daughter, HRCH Big Creek's Jorja Peach at the Fall 2010 International Grand Hunting Retriever competition. This was his first try at a Grand event and he was successful in completing 2 series with Jorja and 3 series with Harlie. It wasn't enough to earn a "grand pass" , but it was enough to earn recognition for the difficulty of the task. Every dog that at least makes it through 2 series earns a rosette. Each day after that, you attach a flat ribbon that indicates how many series your dog passed.

 They don't call it the "Grand" for nothing!  We have a new respect for dogs and handlers that complete all 5 days.  For those that don't know about the rules of the grand, the dog and handler are only allowed one mediocre test score for the entire 5 days of tests. Upon completion of the event, you win one "pass" at the Grand.  But if that's not enough. To earn a GRHRCH title, you must earn 2 "grand passes". That is 10 days of perfection!

Now a little about us:
We offer yellow, black or chocolate labrador retriever puppies, started, seasoned, and finished dogs for sale. We are located on a small farm and we have lots of room for our dogs to run, hunt and train.

Our goal at Big Creek Labs, is to raise and own the very finest labrador retrievers that we can. We seek out accomplished stud dogs with high pedigrees and excellent health checks. In doing so, we offer puppies and sometimes started dogs that will be an all around versatile dog that is trainable, intelligent, and healthy.

We believe in bringing our dogs into our home and making them a part of the family. As a result, they are content to lie on their pad napping and hanging out, but when they see us dressed in camo, they are ready to go to work.  When we are not training in the yard, we spend lots of time hunting pheasants, doves, ducks and quail as well as guiding duck and pheasant hunts.  We also participate in Hunting Retriever Club hunt tests.


David & Teresa Oglesby
392 Big Creek Road
Midville, GA 30441
(478) 589-7296
email: daogle4@pineland.net